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My meal portions have dropped in half!

Thank you so much for the free sample you gave me, I built myself up to the 2 tablespoons that you suggested before my meals. My meal portions have dropped in half and I have lost weight. So so happy and I feel so much better. Let me thank you again.

Warm Regards

C James, Brisbane

Very helpful with my digestion

Years ago I was given Kfibre powder to try. It has been very helpful with my digestion and general well being. I am 89 years old and recommend the usage at any age. I have blood tests regularly and have no cholesterol and put that down to Kfibre I have daily.

Mrs J Hamilton, Mareeba

Great for acid reflux

In reference to your product Kfibre, made by KFSU, I am using this powder in particular for acid reflux that I get quite often. I’ve been taking the product now for about three weeks, and I found relief from the reflux problem almost immediately. I was taking a doctor prescribed medication for reflux for a number of years, and I can honestly say that the Kfibre product is giving me greater relief than the medication. Well done. I hope that eventually you are able to sell this product online and I will be a regular buyer. I would also recommend it to others with the same problem.



I suffered from chronic long term constipation and used everything

Kfibre is EXCELLENT. I suffered from chronic long term constipation and used everything to try and crap even suppositories but nothing seemed to work.I went to the hospital a few times with chronic constipation and extreme abdominal pain. I have taken Kfibre for over 3 months now and I have a BIG crap everyday without fail no, which is a HUGE relief. 💯 % recommend it. Thank you so much Kfibre.

P Nissen

Better in overall health. Extremely regular bowel movements!

Since taking Kfibre for the last year I have felt better in overall health. Less snacking appetite, extremely regular bowel movements and just general well-being.

I add it to my banana and coconut yoghurt, I put it in vegan bliss balls and nobody can even detect it. I actually add it to my pumpkin soup I make and it’s totally undetectable.
Thank you for a wonderful inexpensive Australian product. I’m happy to support Australia made and so happy to have found such a wonderful company and owners with a passion for good health. Thank you for helping us be the best version of ourselves.

M Macauley